About Us


IDEORIS is a company that occupies a unique space in the domain of web design, IT solutions, and marketing collateral. Since it’s inception IDEORIS has gone on to carve a niche for itself in the domestic and international market with its efficient solutions and great ideas.

The corner stone of IDEORIS is and has been technology. Therefore every effort at IDEORIS is characterised by an understanding of technology, a passion for technology and a genuine desire to come up with something new. This unwavering focus on technology can perhaps be attributed to the fact that both the founding members of IDEORIS, hail from engineering backgrounds.

Today IDEORIS changes the way things are done for their clients spread across the world through their – Graphic Designing, Web Design, Web Applications, Web Maintenance, Desktop Solutions, Mobile Applications, Server Management, Virtual Employees etc.

IDEORIS, is a growing entity that is forever on the lookout for new challenges and unexplored avenues in technology.

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