Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee

The Virtual Employee to your rescue

With the advent of seamless technology and increased connectivity the Virtual Employee model has started showing its true potential across the globe. The reduced costs, flexible working relationships and the limited employer liability that the model offers have all added up to produce a complete ‘Win Win’ effect both for the virtual employer and the employee.


How does the Virtual Employee benefit you?

  • The model allows you to cut employee engagement cost by 50% right away.
  • Gives you quality at a price band, unthinkable of otherwise
  • A locally based ( Australia) professional Project Manager assigned to your specific task at no additional cost who is there for you when you need him.
  • Completely eliminates cost components, like overheads, fixed costs, long term costs etc.
  • The Superannuation cost component that eats into most companies profits is completely ruled out. You do not have to worry about the Superannuation at all.

The IDEORIS Flexibility

As a company focussed on providing customized effective solutions to our clients, we at IDEORIS offer options that are flexible so that it works easy for you. You have the option of choosing depending on your need.

  • Short Term IDEORIS contract
  • Long Term IDEORIS contract

Our Range of skills

As a technology company IDEORIS is home to an enviable range of tech skills and some of the most seasoned techies. Our skill sets mentioned below are indicative of our strength and range but are not limited.

  • PHP Coding
  • Web Desigining
  • Flash Expertise
  • HTML/ CSS coding
  • NET Coding
  • Print Media specialization
  • SEO/ SEM Specialization
  • Java Coding

The distinct IDEORIS Edge

At IDEORIS, the Virtual Employee model is coupled with our Project management service to give you more for you money.
Our project management service takes over the task of planning, breaking down of work in milestones, monitoring and testing, leaving your resource untouched. We set targets, define the road map and monitor progress throughout the project so that your time bound goals are met. At every stage we report the progress of work, supervise to ensure that your standards are met and test for quality so that your deliverables are both on time and of your standards. Our involvement is complete, right from the project initiation phase to project completion phase with the least amount of resource involved from the employer’s end.

  • We set up an email address to allow you to directly communicate with your assigned virtual employee and the dedicated project manager. Communication to either of them or both of them directly is just a mail away.
  • We set up a Skype account as an added means of direct communication to the project manager and the virtual employee or to either of them.
  • A local Australian contact number will be provided for direct communication between you and your dedicated Project Manager in Australia.
  • We offer you an Australia based professional Project manager and no additional coast, so that you can meet him in person as and when the need arise
  • Our 5 day working schedule, from 7AM IST- 4PM IST (including a mandatory 1 hr lunch break), which makes the employee available for maximum time during your working hours.
  • Flexible contracts that can be for as less as 3 months.
  • A Trial Offer for 1 month-To show you what we are capable of
  • You can hire an employee for as low as $2200.
  • A Response time of 2-3 weeks to set up your Virtual Employee, probably one of the quickest ever.

Got a complete new requirement or a specific challenge? Just let us know cause we love exploring.

IDEORIS is a progressive company that loves going beyond what has already been done, both in terms of effort and technology. The list of tech skills mentioned over here is definitely not exhaustive. If you have a unique requirement or a particularly challenging task let us know. We would be thrilled to discuss new possibilities with you.

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