Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a process of increasing the visitors to a website and making high ranked in the search results of a search engine. In other words, SEO is a medium to promote a website in order to have high rankings in search engine result. Being the higher ranked, a website could be driven more traffics and got more popularity.

The objectives of SEO activities: Keyword Research & Analysis, Competitor Analysis Report, Copywriting & Text Suggestions, Title Tags, Description Tags, Alt Tags, Header Tags, Keyword Density, Initial SEO rankings report and monthly reports, Mini websites that cross link, Link Structure, New domain name suggestions and purchase, and Checking for broken links and monthly maintenance.


Search Engine Marketing

Reputation is very important to your brand name in any kind of business. That to in web based business is very crucial to manage the reputation despite of hostility around you. So the Reputation Management is highly getting involved into the SEO domain because SEO only can control it to retain the consistency.

So it is extremely important for every web companies to keep the integrity, reputation through SEO servicing companies. The Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) enlists the offending searches with your own content. The search engine can find out your brand name or trademark terms misused by others. So that your potential customers, business partners, employees, investors will be safe in respect to credibility.

The reputation is increased by good words, images, gentleness, advises, tips, solutions, free counseling and valuable links. There are many kinds of solutions such as alerting system of your brand when it is put in blogs, comments, forum box, and news stories etc.


PPC Campaign Management

The payment is made for search results that get only by “per click” basis, hence the name is “Pay per Click” (PPC). This is new concept in SEO marketing and web publicity campaign. PPC Advertising is a growing phenomenon and accepted by webmasters and web marketers. The PPC make fastest advertisement online right now, PPC Advertisement is one of the fastest, cheapest, easiest and most effective methods in online marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the new ideas that attracts more visitors. PPC has been a powerful tool for niche website marketing that allows the web owner see their advertisements only to the targeted customers and you need to pay them only when some one clicks on your site on PPC ad networks.

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