Website Design

Website Design

Peope at IDEORIS are passionate about technology and love to know about new developments and breakthroughs. This keeps them abreast with the latest ideas, the cutting edge in technology and the most contemporary designs. The result is a design that is refreshingly new, has an element of interest about it and is one that is developed for better user interface.

We design static websites that are stylish in simple elegant effective way and also complex dynamic websites that incorporate multiple client needs without impairing the user experience. The Best of visuals, flash techniques and creative content come together at IDEORIS to create the design that makes the surfer stop and watch.

Innovative navigational tools, colour schemes that reflect your idea, home pages that whet your appetite for are all but a few little ways in which our websites stand out in the very first glance.

Static Website

Static Websites are a quick, easy and faster way to launch a business onto the World Wide Web. Being basic in nature, they do not take much time to build and manage. The Static Website can be an extremely effective tool if used well and conceived artistically. It is inexpensive, allows easy navigation for search engines and facilitates relatively faster downloads of web pages. A well thought of design, the choice of colors and appropriate content can create the impact of a website that is sans frills and yet interesting.

IDEORIS offers Static Website Services that are characterized by attractive & creative web page designs, impacting and informative content, appealing visuals and easy navigability. The best of high resolution photographs, veteran designers and their years of hands on experience in design & execution give us our creative upper hand in all our Static Websites endeavours.

At IDEORIS, having built numerous Static Websites over the years, we know the right combination of the content, design and aesthetics, to create the desired impact using the static website service in the quickest possible time frames.

Flash Website

A Flash Website is both a visual treat and an engaging experience that delivers a powerful impact on the browser. It incorporates animations, transitions and visuals in a way that the product stands out from the rest. Flash Website has an interest element of its own that leaves a lasting impression and adds to the recall value of the customer. Flash is certainly the most popular and widely used tool to attract a web user’s attention and engage the user through its creative menus.

Flash Websites done by IDEORIS are open to an immense scope of creativity. Adept in Flash and with ample hands on experience, programmers at IDEORIS come up with Flash Websites that measure up to the best across the globe in their appeal and their utility.

Flash Intros

A Flash Intro to your website does wonders to how the website is received. The Flash Intro serves a twin purpose of attracting attention and whetting the viewer’s appetite for more. And when the website follows the Flash Intro, it is bound to garner attention.

Flash work requires a team that is technically well equipped in terms of both experience and resources. And in addition to that the team must also have the artistic sense to create meaning in motion-At IDEORIS we have that ‘know how’ and an experienced team of artists, visualizers and Flash programmers to create the necessary ‘Bang’ before the website.

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