Website Development

Website Development

Every idea to be realised needs the support of technology.-Where design ends development starts. At IDEORIS we know that better than many and so equip ourselves with the latest in the business to able to deliver the technological foundation for almost any design.

Behind every elegant web design of IDEORIS that you see, is a team of stalwart web developers who give life to the design with their technology. These are people who can best be described as bonafide ‘techies’.

Well versed in HTML, DHTML, JQUERY, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and other tools these are people who have delivered web application development, enterprise portal development, CMS etc for some of the biggest companies over the years.


ECommerce Solutions

IDEORIS offers safe, easy to transact and effective ecommerce options that allow you to optimize you internet presence where you not merely have a website but also buy, sell and transact through the website. While being present on the world wide web you are also opening shop to the world 24/7 to an unlimited customer base if you include the ECommerce tool. Electronic funds transfer, online retail, B2B selling and electronic data interchange are but a few ways in which we have maximized our client’s ROI on their websites.


Content Management System (CMS)

A business that uses its website to upload info, download and collate info in a dynamic environment, needs a quick and simple way to manage all that content. It is here that IDEORIS comes into play with their content management systems- giving you the freedom to control your content without any external aid. Designed to be user friendly and easy to adapt, IDEORIS CMS modules don’t require any specific technical skill- any layman could use it to create changes in the system and keep the content updated with just key board skills.

Businesses that wish to have more control on their website’s info must be equipped with these CMS modules. Adding or editing webpages, articles, site usage tracking management & admin management are a few quick ways in which we are able to give you the control over your website through our CMS modules.


CRM Systems

All that you need to have as a resource when interacting with a customer is an effective CRM solution, in place of multiple data and portals. The ability to interact, solve queries, capture data, store information for future reference and have a single window operation tool for customer resolution is what our CRM software will offer

It integrates seamlessly, gives you a 360 degree of all prospects& customer data and interaction, allows you to view service issues and even allows you to order manage that’s built in. IDEORIS has created some of the most demanding CRM applications that have changed the way business is done- impacting positively and making things simpler.

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